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Cynthia Senior Secondary School

Cynthia 7-A Side Football Tournament

Saturday 14th Oct,2023

Day 1 of our event was a magnificent journey, commencing at 9:30 AM and concluding at 6:30 PM. We were honored to have Mrs. Bela Tolia as our esteemed chief guest, along with a constellation of special guests: Mr. Samit Tikku, Anil Joshi, Ashish Dumka, Sunil Joshi, Deepak Joshi, Aradhya Vardhan Singh, Mirza Wali Husain, Aryan Yadav, Anurag, Saurabh Patni, P P Upadhyay, Saket Agarwal, Sunil Joshi, J. K Chadha, Mr. Harshal Joshi, Mr. Bhavye Bhandari, Mrs. Rajshree, and Ms. Samiksha Rautela.

This remarkable tournament was orchestrated by Cynthia Sr. Sec School Haldwani, hosted at the splendid Cynthia International School Kamaluaganja - the shining new jewel in the Cynthia Groups family.

A heartfelt salute to our dedicated referees: Mayank Pant, Anand Dev, Lovelesh, Jai, and Deepak Rawat.

A special thanks to the incredible Cynthia team, including Dr. Pravindra Rautela, Mr. Pushkar Singh, Mr. B C Sati, Mr. Ashwani Saraswat, Mr. S S Kapkoti, Mrs. Poonam Bisht, Mr. S C Mishra, Mr. Mahesh Joshi, Mr. Mohan Joshi, Mr. Govind Sijwali, Mrs. Reena Karki, Mrs. Richa Karnatak, Mr. Nitesh Raj, and the entire staff of Cynthia School. We were privileged to be joined by teams from 26 outstanding schools.

In the company of our esteemed Directors of the school, Mrs. Rashmi Rautela, Mr. Mahipal Rautela, Mr. Om Pal Singh Rautela, and Mr. Katyayan Rautela, Day 1 was a resounding success. Here's to even more excitement on Day 2!

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