Cynthia Senior Secondary School

Cynthia Senior Secondary School, Haldwani
Cynthia Senior Secondary School
Sapphire International School
Sapphire International School


At Cynthia School, our ethos is to provide students with the best available education. This ethos is reflected in a curriculum which is designed to encourage students to use their minds to solve problems in a meaningful way and to ignite creative talents. We strive to bring out the best in each student and to inculcate a true love of learning.

Our focus areas for all round academic and social skill development of the students are.
• Weekly, monthly and quarterly assessment of the students learning during school hours.
• Personal attention to weaker, slow learners and the students who do not perform well in the assessment.
• Students clubs and forums to promote and exhibit the creativity and interest areas of the students.
• In house and inter house competitions to promote competitive instinct.
• Sports, Cultural, Hobby and Co-curricular clubs to enhance winning and social skills of the students.