Cynthia Senior Secondary School

Cynthia Senior Secondary School, Haldwani
Cynthia Senior Secondary School
Sapphire International School
Sapphire International School


To bring out the best in the student school pays utmost importance to the below mentioned facilities;

1. Safe and comfortable conveyance.
2. Serene human and academic ambiance.
3. Safe and pure drinking water.
4. Spacious and airy classroom.
5. School building with all safety measures.
6. Ultra modern method and techniques for education.
7. Extra classes for weaker students.
8. Tuition free approach.
9. Career counseling.
10. First Aid & time to time health checkups.
11. Excursions, Educational tours.
12. Scholarships for meritorious students.
13. Visitors include renowned doctors, engineers, great scholars, authors, artists and people with success in their respective career.