Cynthia Senior Secondary School

Cynthia Senior Secondary School, Haldwani
Cynthia Senior Secondary School
Sapphire International School
Sapphire International School

Rules of Discipline

1. Students are required to speak in English only.

2. The students should arrive in the school only around 10 minutes before the first bell rings.

3. The School Uniform is to be worn on all school days. A student who is improperly dressed may be sent back home.

4. The Student must carry with them their identity card and school diary failing which they will not be allowed to enter the classroom.

5. The photograph for the identity card should be in school uniform only.

6. At the sound of roll call bell all student should assemble for prayer, after which they should go quietly in line to their respective classes under the supervision of respective class monitor and class teachers.

7. During school timing, student should move about in silence and in order.

8. Parents are not allowed to interfere with the school administration in any way. In case of any problem they can discuss the same with the academic coordinator.

9. Parents are welcome to record their suggestions in suggestion register of parents and staff meeting.