Teaching for Education

Cynthia School combines a rigorous academic curriculum with a wide variety of interesting student activities. English is the main language of instruction.

Cynthia school’s programs are student focused and geared toward the intellectual, physical, as well as the emotional needs of students. The curriculum is designed to train students to meet the demands of an increasingly commercial and globalized world. To achieve its educational goals the school follows CBSE curriculum. During the final years students are given counseling and guidance for career related programmes.

Programmes are organized to provide career related opportunities and new job avenues which are coming up in India and abroad. The focus is on established service sectors like NDA, Medical, Engineering, Fashion Technology, IT and Bio-Technology, banking, retail, public relations, hospitability, chartered accounts as well as on the creative areas. Cynthia Old Wall Association, a forum of the passed out and successful students, provides impetus to our students to go higher in their life and perform the best in their like.

Motivational lectures and seminars are organized with the help of professionals from medical, engineering and other services for the final year students.