Mission and Vision

The Cynthia Sr. Sec. School’s future will be shaped by the fundamental values that have defined our past and gave a way to move ahead regarding academic freedom, tolerance, experimentation in the area of teaching and learning.

Mission :

The Cynthia Sr. Sec. School prepares students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing society, and thus makes the world for them a better and sustainable place. We will ensure that our students develop necessary basic skills sound competencies essential for success and leadership in the emerging creative global economy. We will also lead in generating practical and theoretical knowledge that enables people to better understand our society and world to improve conditions for local and global communities.


We are and will be a Senior Secondary School where design and social research drive approaches to studying issues of our time, such as changing pattern of teaching-learning, digitalization, environmental issues, democracy, urbanization, technological change, economic empowerment, sustainability, migration, and globalization etc. are being always at the top. We will be one of the best centers of knowledge and social change for effective engagement in a world that increasingly demands better-designed objects, communication, systems, and organizations to meet social needs.

Our vision aligns with shifts in the changing pattern in technology, education, society, and environment, which animate our mission and our values.

Creativity, innovation, and a desire to challenge the status quo, both in what and how we teach and in the intellectual ambitions of the School itself.

Social engagement, orienting students' academic experience to help them become critically engaged citizens dedicated to solving problems and contributing to the public good.

The Cynthia Sr. Sec. School must embrace these principles and innovate to address changes in the educational pattern, global economy, society, and environment that require individuals to grapple with complex problems, pursue more fluid and flexible career pathways, and collaboratively create change.


We will fulfill our mission by extending The Cynthia Sr. Sec. School legacy as a nontraditional academic community, nimble and responsive to change, that:

Focuses on and engages with critical contemporary issues.

Prioritizes humanity, culture and values in designing systems and environments to improve the human condition, an approach that draws on design thinking, creativity and performance.

Places project-based and up to date learning at the center of the educational experiences and teacher training.