Brief History

Nested in the plains of Himalayas, Cynthia School is situated at the most serene of the locations within Haldwani placed in the peaceful surrounding, the school provides smooth learning environment at all times.

The Cynthia School established with barely 30 students in a rented building as a primary school. Later in the year 2007, we shifted in our own new building as Cynthia Sr. Sec School Haldwani. Today we are engaged in transforming and making an enriched educational life for over 1500 students. The school takes pride in having introduced many firsts: socio-cultural links to provide the latest educational aids, equipment and amenities, set up to uphold the highest standards in education, hygiene, safety & security, Over the last the Cynthia group has become a trend-setter in quality education from kindergarten to senior secondary education. At the same time we are planning to come up with new branches of the school at other places of Uttarakhand as well in coming years.

  • Situated in the heart of Haldwani
  • One of the best academic infrastructures in town
  • Well established with proven academic record over years

The school aims to develop interactive communication and acquired learning skills for the beginners.. A primary objective is to assist children to draw connections between knowledge and problem solving techniques.

The formative years of the child from 3 to 5 years of age plays very important foundation of his life. This is the age at which the child picks up communicative skills social skills and draws connections between self and the world around him. All the teaching tools and techniques for the grooming of the child play important role if all these things have great human touch while imparting skills to the child. So, we at Cynthia are committed to the statement often quoted “Learning with Joy is learning for the life”.

Play, laugh, smile, sing, dance, quarrel, help, appreciate, punish, love, kiss, pat, if needed slap are the vocabulary which go for training the age group from 3 to 5. It’s like falling in love with the child, taking care of his emotions, understanding his subconscious mind, getting communicated from his body language, having empathy with the child, appreciating his each smallest achievement.

The teachers at Cynthia are specifically trained in all forms of learning and teaching of this age group. Teacher’s presence delights the child and the child comes up with flying colors whatever s/he does.

In the later years we are trying to keep a balanced education with special focus on the development of the whole child addressing social, physical, emotional and cultural needs. The learning program gives children a strong foundation in all major areas of knowledge. Particular focus is placed on languages, social studies, mathematics, arts, science and technology. Students in the elementary years program learn to explore themes by looking at a ‘unit of enquiry’ that is related to the theme. In each unit of enquiry, teachers pose a series of open-ended questions that encourage students to explore all of its aspects. The primary program is based on the principle that children learn by using their previous experience to make sense of new information.

Leadership Grooming & Communication Activities:

On the basis of performance, achievement and assessment students are given the responsibilities of holding the following positions of School Captain, LA Captain, House Captains, School Discipline In Charge, Sports Captain, School Vice captain, House vice captains, sports vice captain, LA vice captain, House representatives, Assistant House representatives and class Monitors.

For effective communication skills good emphasis is given to develop their English vocabulary through daily pocket diary making and attending their roll during attendance through ‘word of the day’. News and thought presentation to keep them aware and updated with latest happenings world around are some of the daily checked activities. At the same time prayer presentation and other activities help them to groom in a best possible way.

At the higher level (Senior secondary) students study all the major disciplines, including English, Sciences, Mathematics, Languages, Computer Technology, Business Studies and Physical Education. All the subjects are taught from a national and global perspective. The program encourages students to think critically, expand their knowledge and to develop a range of important life skills.

A special focus of the program is to assist students acquire a high level of English language proficiency. The course also helps students to maintain strong affection with their own cultures while giving them an international perspective through the study of literature from around the world

Parents counseling is another major area in which school plays its role. The concerted efforts of the teachers and the parents play an important role in making the career of the child.

Library equips the student with the latest happenings in the field of science and technology, literature and the creative areas of the life. We, at Cynthia, provide student the best literature available with the school and it is being updated every year.